How to Reduce Plastic Accumulation

Industries and government organizations alike have a mutual understanding as to the impact plastic pollution can have on our environments and are actively taking steps to developing solutions. In a remarkable step, France recently pledged that by 2025 they will recycle 100% of all the plastics, while the UK made a commitment to focus on the long-term environment plan, which incorporates moving away from throwaway plastic. 

pollution in the waterIndustries are also upholding the recommendations by World Economic Forum, as giants like Unilever are assuring to use compostable plastic packaging, which will be 100% reusable by 2025. More industries, packaging companies, retailers, and businesses are encouraged to take similar measures.

Reduce Single-Use Items

Over the years, plastic-using practices have tilted toward single-use disposable items instead of reusable solutions. From disposable carrier bags to single-use plastic items like straws, cutlery, packaging, plates and cups, we daily use innumerable plastic items which see the garbage bin after one-time use.

Now, hospitals in the U.S. are beginning to kickstart projects in which high-end plastic waste that has not come into contact with patients and is not contaminated is recycled. Items include plastic water bottles, food service plastics, woven polypropylene blue sterilization wrap, saline bottles, thermoformed polystyrene trays, and some Tyvek high-density polyethylene fibers. This study, conducted by Stanford University, includes data from plastic waste collected in surgical services, interventional services, pre and post-anesthesia care settings, and pharmacy.

A “Global Plastics Protocol” is also now in effect, offering common definitions understood by all and providing direction to the industries regarding materials which are biodegradable or can be recycled or reused.

Join Kambine in reducing plastics accumulation. It is our goal to reduce, reuse, and recycle equipment and overflow of plastic materials available to us in the United States. Let’s take action and make a difference!

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