6 Benefits of Using Kambine

Kambine is an online platform serving the plastic manufacturing industry for more than a decade. Our main focus is to provide a fully optimized platform to the buyers and sellers in the plastic industry.

Here, both parties can Buy, Sell and Trade:

  • Plastic manufacturing machines
  • Used equipments
  • Commodities
  • Overstock plastic material.

To become a seller with Kambine, simply apply online. Once the concerned department approves, the seller is good to make and save money with the help of our online portal. Kambine takes great care of both sellers and buyers and guards transactions of both sides via split payments. Additionally, we ensure immediate payouts once the transactions are complete.

Check out some of the core benefits sellers and buyers will enjoy by joining Kambine below!

Connect Social Networks
Sharing on social media platforms

No one can deny the power of social media in the modern world. We provide our approved sellers an opportunity to not only connect to us, but to their personal social media accounts too, where they can share their experience. At Kambine, sellers have instant access to their professional LinkedIn contacts.

Smart Listings

Our system is a unique selling point for plastics because it provides a fully optimized listing system. Here, sellers can create lists according to the particular equipment or materials they are selling. The “New Listings” form in our mobile version is designed for the assistance of sellers. They can easily post new listings or update existing ones on-the-go, via cell phone.

Our efficient proprietary algorithm system ensures all listings are accurately posted. Smart Listings will facilitate buyers in their keywords searches, too.  Our current listings have already reduced burdens and classified popular searches in the best possible manner.

Star Rating System

Leaving reviews on productsIn this world where there’s immense competition in every field, it has become extremely difficult to find best suppliers in the market. To ensure the security of our users on both sides of the Kambine portal, we have implemented a star rating system. The system allows buyers to rate their experience with sellers on our website and to effectively discover trusted sellers. For sellers, the star rating system is beneficial for using feedback and ratings from buyers to tailor offerings and processes for future sales.

Listings Database

The Kambine listing system is quite advanced and fully optimized. Sellers are given permission to manage equipment, products, and material listings in the database. If a seller forgets to save a listing, our support team is available to recover lost data.

Online Sales Force

The Kambine marketplace can supplement and support your inside sales force. Ramp up your sales this month by implementing Kambine into your business practices. Interested sellers can contact Kambine agents for more information.


Customer Support

Kambine customer serviceWe have a highly efficient, well-equipped staff, ready to discuss further details on the services we offer to buyers/sellers. Our staff guides interested sellers and buyers, provides 24/7 support for navigating through the Kambine portal, and can aid you in setting up an account, managing sales/purchases, and creating product listings.

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