How To Create Materials Listing

Welcome to Kambine — a business-to-business marketplace where you can buy and sell used equipment and over-stock materials direct.

In this brief tutorial, you’ll learn how to create a New Equipment Listing on Kambine, so you can start selling and get paid.

First, log into your approved Vendor account.
Then, scroll down until you see My Listings and click it.
If you already have products listed, you’ll see them at the top of the screen. Simply scroll down until you see New Listing and click it.
On this screen, you can choose between posting your Used Materials or Equipment. Right now, we’ll choose Equipment.
Now, we see the first two form fields, starting with “Equipment Type”.
Choose your options and Continue.
You can add images to your Listing to give your audience a clear picture of your item.
Continue through each step until you arrive at the final screen.
Add additional notes if applicable. When you’re done, click Submit.

Congratulations, you’ve posted your first Equipment Listing on Kambine.

  • Log into your Kambine™ Seller account.
  • When the page loads, click Create Listing at the top of the screen. A form will appear.
  • Choose your Equipment Type from the select drop-down box and click Continue.

The fields that follow this step will be dependent upon what you choose here.

  • Continue through the form until you arrive at the final field: Additional Options. In this field, you may enter any information you’d like about your Listing. Please keep these notes as brief as possible. Kambine™ will use the information collected in this form to generate your listing’s title, description, and categories.
  • After you’ve entered any Additional Options, click Submit. You will be redirected to My Products where you can view your Listings

Congratulations, you’ve just added a new Product Listing on Kambine. You’re now one step closer to getting paid for your used Plastics Manufacturing Equipment.

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